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  • Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Parameterized Complexity

    Liming Cai;Iyad Kanj;Frances A.Rosamond;

    <正>Dedication.This Special Issue on Parameterized Complexity of Tsinghua Science and Technology is a tribute to the influential contributions of Jianer Chen to parameterized complexity algorithmics.It is an occasion to celebrate the many important contributions to this new and prospering branch of theoretical computer science made by Jianer Chen,as he reaches the ripe young age of 60.Happy birthday,Jianer,from

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  • Some Open Problems in Parameterized Complexity Related to the Work of Jianer Chen

    Michael Ralph Fellows;

    This short paper highlights some open problems related to the work of Jianer Chen in the area of parameterized/multivariate algorithmics.

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  • Dynamic Dominating Set and Turbo-Charging Greedy Heuristics

    Rodney G.Downey;Judith Egan;Michael R.Fellows;Frances A.Rosamond;Peter Shaw;

    The main purpose of this paper is to exposit two very different, but very general, motivational schemes in the art of parameterization and a concrete example connecting them. We introduce a dynamic version of the DOMINATING SET problem and prove that it is fixed-parameter tractable(FPT). The problem is motivated by settings where problem instances evolve. It also arises in the quest to improve a natural greedy heuristic for the DOMINATING SET problem.

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  • Kernelization in Parameterized Computation: A Survey

    Qilong Feng;Qian Zhou;Wenjun Li;Jianxin Wang;

    Parameterized computation is a new method dealing with NP-hard problems, which has attracted a lot of attentions in theoretical computer science. As a practical preprocessing method for NP-hard problems, kernelizaiton in parameterized computation has recently become an active research area. In this paper, we discuss several kernelizaiton techniques, such as crown decomposition, planar graph vertex partition, randomized methods, and kernel lower bounds, which have been used widely in the kernelization of many hard problems.

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  • An Overview of Kernelization Algorithms for Graph Modification Problems

    Yunlong Liu;Jianxin Wang;Jiong Guo;

    Kernelization algorithms for graph modification problems are important ingredients in parameterized computation theory. In this paper, we survey the kernelization algorithms for four types of graph modification problems, which include vertex deletion problems, edge editing problems, edge deletion problems, and edge completion problems. For each type of problem, we outline typical examples together with recent results, analyze the main techniques, and provide some suggestions for future research in this field.

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  • Parameterized Algorithmics for Computational Social Choice:Nine Research Challenges

    Robert Bredereck;Jiehua Chen;Piotr Faliszewski;Jiong Guo;Rolf Niedermeier;Gerhard J.Woeginger;

    Computational Social Choice is an interdisciplinary research area involving Economics, Political Science,and Social Science on the one side, and Mathematics and Computer Science(including Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems) on the other side. Typical computational problems studied in this field include the vulnerability of voting procedures against attacks, or preference aggregation in multi-agent systems. Parameterized Algorithmics is a subfield of Theoretical Computer Science seeking to exploit meaningful problem-specific parameters in order to identify tractable special cases of in general computationally hard problems. In this paper, we propose nine of our favorite research challenges concerning the parameterized complexity of problems appearing in this context. This work is dedicated to Jianer Chen, one of the strongest problem solvers in the history of parameterized algorithmics,on the occasion of his 60 th birthday.

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  • Social Choice Meets Graph Drawing: How to Get Subexponential Time Algorithms for Ranking and Drawing Problems

    Henning Fernau;Fedor V.Fomin;Daniel Lokshtanov;Matthias Mnich;Geevarghese Philip;Saket Saurabh;

    We analyze a common feature of p-Kemeny AGGregation(p-KAGG) and p-One-Sided Crossing Minimization(p-OSCM) to provide new insights and findings of interest to both the graph drawing community and the social choice community. We obtain parameterized subexponential-time algorithms for p-KAGG—a problem in social choice theory—and for p-OSCM—a problem in graph drawing. These algorithms run in time O.2O.pk logk//,where k is the parameter, and significantly improve the previous best algorithms with running times O.1.403k/and O.1.4656k/, respectively. We also study natural "above-guarantee" versions of these problems and show them to be fixed parameter tractable. In fact, we show that the above-guarantee versions of these problems are equivalent to a weighted variant of p-directed feedback arc set. Our results for the above-guarantee version of p-KAGG reveal an interesting contrast. We show that when the number of "votes" in the input to p-KAGG is odd the above guarantee version can still be solved in time O.2O.pk logk//, while if it is even then the problem cannot have a subexponential time algorithm unless the exponential time hypothesis fails(equivalently, unless FPT D M[1]).

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  • Parameter Ecology for Feedback Vertex Set

    Bart M.P.Jansen;Venkatesh Raman;Martin Vatshelle;

    This paper deals with the FEEDBACK VERTEX SET problem on undirected graphs, which asks for the existence of a vertex set of bounded size that intersects all cycles. Due it is theoretical and practical importance,the problem has been the subject of intensive study. Motivated by the parameter ecology program we attempt to classify the parameterized and kernelization complexity of FEEDBACK VERTEX SET for a wide range of parameters.We survey known results and present several new complexity classifications. For example, we prove that FEEDBACK VERTEX SET is fixed-parameter tractable parameterized by the vertex-deletion distance to a chordal graph. We also prove that the problem admits a polynomial kernel when parameterized by the vertex-deletion distance to a pseudo forest, a graph in which every connected component has at most one cycle. In contrast, we prove that a slightly smaller parameterization does not allow for a polynomial kernel unless NP ? coNP=poly and the polynomial-time hierarchy collapses.

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  • Counting Problems in Parameterized Complexity

    Chihao Zhang;Yijia Chen;

    Parameterized complexity is a multivariate theory for the analysis of computational problems. It leads to practically efficient algorithms for many NP-hard problems and also provides a much finer complexity classification for other intractable problems. Although the theory is mostly on decision problems, parameterized complexity naturally extends to counting problems as well. The purpose of this article is to survey a few aspects of parameterized counting complexity, with a particular emphasis on some general frameworks in which parameterized complexity proves to be indispensable.

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  • Information for Contributors

    <正>Tsinghua Science and Technology(Tsinghua Sci Technol),an academic journal sponsored by Tsinghua University.is published bimonthly.This journal aims at presenting the up-to-date scientific achievements with high creativity and great significance in computer and electronic engineering.Contributions all over the world are welcome.

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