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2014, v.19(01) 95-101

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Mobile Internet Big Data Platform in China Unicom
Mobile Internet Big Data Platform in China Unicom

Wenliang Huang;Zhen Chen;Wenyu Dong;Hang Li;Bin Cao;Junwei Cao;


China Unicom, the largest WCDMA 3G operator in China, meets the requirements of the historical Mobile Internet Explosion, or the surging of Mobile Internet Traffic from mobile terminals. According to the internal statistics of China Unicom, mobile user traffic has increased rapidly with a Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 135%. Currently China Unicom monthly stores more than 2 trillion records, data volume is over 525 TB, and the highest data volume has reached a peak of 5 PB. Since October 2009, China Unicom has been developing a home-brewed big data storage and analysis platform based on the open source Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) as it has a long-term strategy to make full use of this Big Data. All Mobile Internet Traffic is well served using this big data platform. Currently, the writing speed has reached 1 390 000 records per second, and the record retrieval time in the table that contains trillions of records is less than 100 ms. To take advantage of this opportunity to be a Big Data Operator, China Unicom has developed new functions and has multiple innovations to solve space and time constraint challenges presented in data processing. In this paper, we will introduce our big data platform in detail. Based on this big data platform, China Unicom is building an industry ecosystem based on Mobile Internet Big Data, and considers that a telecom operator centric ecosystem can be formed that is critical to reach prosperity in the modern communications business.




基金项目(Foundation): supported in part by the National Key Basic Research and Development(973)Program of China(Nos.2013CB228206 and 2012CB315801);; the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Nos.61233016 and 61140320);; supported by the Intel Research Council under the title of“Security Vulnerability Analysis Based on Cloud Platform with Intel IA Architecture”

作者(Authors): Wenliang Huang;Zhen Chen;Wenyu Dong;Hang Li;Bin Cao;Junwei Cao;